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TCL 8,000 BTU Wi-Fi Enabled Energy Star Window Air Conditioner; Black:Wi-Fi control technology: with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily control your air conditioner anywhere, at any time, with just a mobile phone/device app and an Internet connectionBlack window air conditioner has a 24-hour timer; the window air conditioning unit is equipped with a 24-hour timer (set in half hour increments) for on/off functionalityEco mode conserves energy by turning off the compressor when the room reaches the desired temperature; the fan motor will run for 10 minutes, stop for 20 seconds, then run again; the compressor will turn back on when the room temperature rises above the set temperatureDisplay on/off: the unit's control display can be turned off so it is not illuminated during sleeping hoursTCL window air conditioner has auto restart: when the power is off or accidentally cut off, it will automatically restart with the previous function settings when the power resumesMulti directional louvers: 8-way air outlets ensure consistent air flow to all parts of your spaceFilter-cleaning reminder: a filter-cleaning light will display after 500 total hours of run time to remind you to clean your filter to ensure optimal operating efficiencyAuto mode: based on the room temperature and unit setting, the unit will switch accordingly to one of the three mode settings (cool, dehumidify and fan modes)TCL window air conditioner has sleep mode: automatically adjusts the temperature and fan speed to make the room more comfortable during the nightThe set temperature will automatically raise by 1.8degreeF (1degreeC) every 30-60 minutesTraditional window-mounting design can be used with single and double-hung windows only
Type kWh Per Year Expense Lowest Price
Through the Wall 342 $82.08 $249.50


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Regular Price $249.50
Sale Price $249.50
Type Through the Wall
Brand Tcl
Color Black
kWh/year 342
Operating Cost $82.08