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All the options on the table

See what efficiency measures will actually make your house more comfortable and save you money – even after any cash outlays! Learn if solar makes sense and how to size it so that you save the most money! Make sure you get the most out of all the rebates and complex incentives you’re entitled to. Find out how many improvements can be made with no money out of pocket. And do it all with an objective tool that’s on your side!

Custom for you and your house

Our tools make it easy for you to create a plan based on your home and your lifestyle. Tell it what you will not consider doing, and it will go through all the options applicable to you to create a plan that saves you the most money. It will also identify key health and comfort issues that could improve the quality of your living space. And your plan can then easily be refined with the help of qualified home energy professionals - whom you can find with the help of this tool.

Based on how you live your life

We understand that there are many ways to run the utility systems in your home. Most people make tradeoffs between convenience and energy use; some prefer to run half-full loads in dishwashers, others prefer to keep incandescent light bulbs. This tool considers your personal lifestyle choices; it will tell you what each option is worth and you make the call! But remember to tell it what things you are not prepared to do so that it can properly compute what things will deliver you the most.

How it works

This tool analyzes your home’s utility system and your family’s lifestyle, and evaluates utility savings steps you can take – whether it’s changing your temperature settings, or how you use equipment, or changing to more efficient equipment, even installing solar panels. Then it figures out what specific things will give you the most bang whether you outlay some bucks or not – it’s as easy as that! If utility prices rise as sharply as they have in the last few years, you’ll be amazed how much money is on the table!

What are the benefits?

As with everything in life, a little thinking goes a long way – and is usually worth thousands of dollars. Your home’s utility system is complicated; it requires a technical understanding, a full view of all your options, insights into utility pricing, and powerful computer optimization, and many, many other factors.  Thus, there are good reasons to make a thoughtful plan before making upgrades to your home, including:



In addition to your Action Plan, you can search through our Energy Tips. There are ideas for quick behavior changes, weekend projects, maintenance, when it breaks, health and comfort, and other energy saving ideas. You can easily add those to your action plan.

If you mark an item on your plan as completed, we will track your estimated energy use and savings over time. We can use this to find additional savings options.