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A Low Cost Approach

Everyone knows that running full loads of laundry costs you less in the long run than running partial loads. But the key question is how many other opportunities are there to save money by just changing behavior? Or by undertaking a small project? Or by maintaining your house?

A Little Effort, But Free

It turns out there are many opportunities to save money and reduce your consumption by just changing a few ways you operate in your home, and these “behavioral changes” don’t require you to spend any money!  Examples include:

  1. Washing dishes only when dishwasher is full
  2. Washing / drying clothes only when have full loads
  3. Turning off the lights when you leave room
  4. Lowering the thermostat in the winter and raising it in the summer

A Few Weekend Projects

There are generally many small projects – the low hanging fruit – that require small outlays and will deliver large amounts of savings. Most of these projects are less than $250 and take less than a day to complete. Examples include:

  1. Installing “smart plugs” strips on your computer and audio visual equipment to eliminate phantom loads
  2. Replacing lights bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs
  3. Replacing old faucets and showerheads in all bathrooms
  4. Installing a “smart thermostat” in your home

Maintain Your Home and Extend Equipment Lifetimes

By maintaining your equipment, you can improve the effectiveness and extend the life of your equipment and home. By putting together a maintenance calendar and carving out a little time here and there, you can save money and keep your house in good working order. Examples include:

  1. Changing your furnace filters
  2. Checking the caulking and weather-stripping around your house
  3. Fixing any faucet or toilet leaks that occur
  4. Cleaning your dryer vent regularly



In addition to your Action Plan, you can search through our Energy Tips. There are ideas for quick behavior changes, weekend projects, maintenance, when it breaks, health and comfort, and other energy saving ideas. You can easily add those to your action plan.

If you mark an item on your plan as completed, we will track your estimated energy use and savings over time. We can use this to find additional savings options.

Keep your cooling and heating system at peak performance by having a contractor do annual pre-season check-ups. Maintaining your equipment will prevent future problems and unwanted costs.