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Choosing a Contractor

Once you create a plan, the next step is often to find a contractor to help with items such as installing insulation or replacing your heating systems or sealing your ducts. Finding the right contractor is critically important to make sure you get quality work at the right price. We’ve created a marketplace to help you find that right contractor.

What Type of Contractor?

Depending on the scope of your needs, you can either find a general or specialty contractor. General contractors can oversee projects and coordinate specific licensed subcontractors. Specialty or subcontractors are usually hired for one specific job. For example if you only need to replace a pool pump or a water heater, you may hire a contractor in that particular specialty.

What Qualifications Should They Have?

Depending on the project, you may choose to find a contractor who has specific certifications. These certifications are from credentialing organizations for residential energy auditing and upgrade work. The contractors who receive these certifications have gone through specific training, passed testing protocols, and follow specific guidelines when performing projects to deliver at highest quality level.

What Other Things Should I Consider?

  1. Verifying license is in good order and the current business location
  2. Length of operations
  3. Reviews / recommendations – Yelp and Angie’s List are useful sources
  4. Workers compensation and insurance up to date
  5. Appropriate and current bonding

Where Can I Find More Information?

Contractors in our database have all been licensed by the State. This licensing mechanism increases your protection by working to eliminate unqualified contractors, and by ensuring that contractors have the proper skills and education before performing work on your home or business.
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Before you select a contractor, it is a good idea to check that his/her license is up to date and read Hiring a Contractor. Check a license.


Through our Contractor Marketplace, you can search for contractors and find the right fit for your project. You find out details about the contractor such as what types of certifications they have and where they are located. You can also directly find reviews when available. From there it is easy to connect and get started with your projects. A quality installation of equipment increases the benefits and efficiency of your new equipment.

Energy efficient products usually have lower operating costs and frequently qualify for rebates.