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Home Automation

So by now, many people have a smart phone and use apps to manage many of the parts of their life on the go. From banking, to directions, to news, to photos, smart phone have become a very valuable part of people’s lives. Well now, you can also manage your home through your phone.

What is Home Automation?

Simply, home automation is the ability control items in your home remotely from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This is often referred to as a “smart home”. Depending on the device, you directly control (turning off your lights from your phone), setup schedules (for outside lights) or in some case, the devices manage themselves (many thermostats program themselves based on your sensing your schedule and movement in your house).

How does Home Automation Work?

Networked devices that can be used in the house typically use low-powered, low-data wireless communication. One of the most popular standards is ZigBee, the type of wireless chip used in many smart thermostats and other popular wireless technologies.

Where Can I Find Home Automation Products?

There are two approaches for installing home automation products. The first is the do-it-yourself approach. Here you find the right products for your home, such as a smart thermostat, and then you purchase and install this. You can often find handymen and some retailers have installers here as well.

The second approach is to buy an integrated system. Many telecom and security vendors now provide smart home solutions where they charge a monthly fee for the service. You can find different service packages to meet your needs. The devices are then either mailed to you for self-installation or installed by their professionals.